It is recorded that before his death; Michael Jackson ‘paid millions in hush money to victims of sex abuse’. Lawyers acting for alleged victims of Michael Jackson have claimed that he paid almost $200million (£134million) in hush money.

Acting on behalf of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, the legal teams say that Jackson paid the money to up to 20 victims in total.

Los Angeles Superior Court will rule on Tuesday whether they can file claims against his estate.

If the court gives the green light, it could mean evidence that wasn’t allowed to be heard at a previous trial could be made public.

Safechuck alleges that Jackson molested him when he was nine and offered $1million to his father.

He also says that the late Jackson held a secret wedding ceremony in which Safechuck was the bride.

Safechucks lawyers filed: ‘Jackson was successful in his efforts to the point that my client endured repeated acts of sexual abuse of a heinous nature and was brainwashed… into believing they were acts of love and instigated by James himself.’

Meanwhile Robson, who testified during Jackson’s trial in 2005, said that he shared a bed with the pop star for at least a year. He said: ‘I lived in silence and denial for 22 years’.

Jackson denied molestation allegations leveled against him but paid $40million to the family of his first known victim Jordan Chandler.

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