Sad story as a 14 year old boy in Thyolo has been arrested for allegedly murdering his 9 year old friend with a hoe.

Confirming the development with FaceofMalawi Thyolo Police Publicist Edith Kachotsa, said that the shocking incident happened on April 20, 2015 when the deceased and his friends were passing by a maize field where the accused was working.

“Since they were young children who were on their way to an unknown destination they were busy chatting and making some noise. This did not please the accused who instead of doing his work asked the children to stop making the noise, but the deceased and friends never minded him,” said Kachotsa.

Kachotsa said the continued noise angered the accused, who eventually threw a hoe at the children.

“Unfortunately, the hoe fell on the head of the deceased and hack him,” said Kachotsa.

According to Kachotsa, the deceased was taken to Thyolo District Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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