Ariana Grande, the former 21 year old Nickelodeon now turn singing superstar has reportedly tested positive on her pregnancy test sources indicate. Based on this information, it would seem that Ariana and Big Sean would be expecting the birth of their child sometime around November of this year.

Ariana Grande tweeted a picture of her pregnancy test which reads “Pregnant” earlier today. Ariana mentioned rapper Big Sean in a tweet with much excitement as well as using a kissy face emoji. Ariana also seems to be hopeful of having a girl and even included the possible name of “Ariseania” should both give birth to a baby girl. Based on the tweet, this information would only lead to conclude that Big Sean is the father of Ariana’s baby. There has been tons of photos proving a love connection between Big Sean and Ariana Grande for months.


Ariana immediately deleted the tweet but not before we could grab a screenshot of it. It’s possible that Ariana doesn’t want a lot of media coverage yet or maybe the fact that Ariana and Big Sean need to discuss their future before making such a big commitment. Despite any speculation, Ariana and Big Sean will have to decide what they will do next. There has been no reaction from Big Sean as of yet.

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