There was commotion at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) on Wednesday afternoon when angry workers dumped a coffin of their colleague at the reception of the administration block in protest of the transport given.

The deceased, identified as Flora Kanzingeni, a resident of Chilobwe Township in Blantyre, died Tuesday night due to blood pressure (BP) having worked the whole day.

Kanzingeni was working as a hospital attendant and had served the health facility for over 30 years, a workmate said.

After her death, the hospital management decided only to release an Ambulance to take the body to the deceased village in Thambani, Mwanza for burial.

This did not please the workers who were demanding for a bigger vehicle and retaliated by dumping the corpse at the reception.

Effort to talk QECH Chief Administrator proved futile as his mobile phone was not available.

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