Lead investigator in the ongoing Paul Mphwiyo’s murder case, Kankwala Chilinda has revealed that there is currently no evidence linking Oswald Lutepo to the murder case.

Chilinda made the revelation Wednesday morning during cross-examination when lawyer for Lutepo, Oswald Mtupira asked the lead investigator if there was any other evidence linking his client to the case.

In his first affidavit, one of the state witnesses Charles Chalunda mentioned Lutepo as one of the member’s amongst the conspiring team to murder Mphwiyo. However, Chalunda later on through the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) asked the courts to replace Lutepo’s name with that of Pika Manondo.

According to the lead investigator, there is currently no any other evidence linking Lutepo to the murder case.

“We do not have any evidence linking Lutepo to the case,” said Chilinda when he was asked about the matter.

This subsequently prompted the defense Lawyer to ask the court to remove the name of Lutepo from the suspects list.

However, the courts could not immediately remove Lutepo from the list as the Lawyer was advised to provide submissions for that.

Earlier on, the lead investigator maintained that he was on top of the investigations when he had been quizzed by Lawyer John Gift Mwakhwawa on what he alleged were miss-presentation of facts, claims of having not followed up on other leads and other things that the lead prosecutor did not know of as far as the case was concerned.

In his turn, one of the accused Ralph Kasambara and who is also representing himself asked Chilinda as to why the investigators failed to follow up on the lead provided by the former president Dr Joyce Banda when she said she knew of the people who shot Mphwiyo.

“Most of the information reaching the higher offices comes from the military, the intelligence and even police officers like us.

“However, by the time the statements were made, we had already started following up on another lead,” said Chilinda.

Mphwiyo was shot on September 13, 2013 around midnight as he drove into his compound in area 43.mana.

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