Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue church of all nations claims that he told former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan that he would lose the presidential elections.

Prophet Joshua said:

“I want to use this moment to congratulate Nigerians in our midst here. Look, Nigeria wanted change-everyone was yearning change. An attempt to stop change leads to war, to a bloodbath…..If Nigeria knows what we have overcome, we would dance, I really salute President Jonathan. The president has served; he has done his best. It was just the season of crisis- and unfortunately he found himself at the lead in the season of crisis.

He said God told him-

“This message should be delivered to your president, that whatever the outcome of this election; his regime has come to an end. He should accept to save the lives of millions.”

Mr. Joshua claims that he called Mr. Jonathan by phone, adding that he had previously shared with him many revelations about Nigeria which eventually came to pass.

That is why I don’t belong to any party. All the parties are my own. I love everyone. If I belong to this party and the message of God is now against that party, how will I present it-when no one knows the mind of God? It is better I am free to deliver God’s message.”

“I am a material to be used that will not cost you money. I am afraid to collect money from you because if I collect it, it will affect the gift and grace of God in my life.”


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