1. Irrelevant site visitation– we can do without visiting some websites in which we are addicted to which includes p*rnography and multiple chatting platforms but with smartphone on our side. 10 chatting platforms a stepping stone.

2. Avoidable data consumption– patronizing unwanted site most definitely leads to high data consumption.

3. Broad knowledge of immoral acts– with smart phone even kids now have access to unlimited immoral acts. Most youth now holds Doctorate degree in s3x and some; professional hackers.

4. Unnecessary data budgeting– we android and iphone Users cry of limited data caps but wait have you ever wonder why they stay Up late @ every night?

5. Time consuming and procrastination– over addiction to smart phone consume time and we get to post every activity we can do as at the time scheduled. Time= money oooo.

6. Over reliance on internet– these days we even find the devil online and the evil takes Us to hell thumbs Up to U if U understand that!

7. Several important notes and quote are saved but no implementation– i have millions of powerful quotes on my smartphone but rarely open them for implementation and exhibition. Not Just saving but practice them . *the good ones*

8. Chargers are more important than Our Gf/Bf– nowadays you can forget your [email protected] even if you have a presentation but will NEVER forget a charger.

9. Intimidation at its peak– If you don’t go to Funzones don’t dare open Up inst*gram pages or selected twitter handles , you might feel intimidated with the sight of Gwagons and blingz. Make devil come do U make U dey inside danfo for traffic when U dey check am.

10. Lastly S3x Chat and self-service– wetin man go do after hours sex chatting and watching all the beautiful avi. self-service and rest your case. Read inspirational quotes and Use the To Do functions of the smartphone wisely before going to bed, it will help a long way to plan your day. Feel free to add yours and constructively criticize any point you did not concur with.


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