The Thyolo Senior Resident Magistrate Court has slapped two Mozambican nationals with eight (8) years imprisonment with hard labour each for possessing and attempting to sell 12 human bones.

The duo, Lex Kaitano and Never Rodrick were arrested early May this year by Luchenza Police in Thyolo after businessman Enock Taliana of Makoka Trading Centre tipped off the police that the two had offered him Albino bones.

Kaitano told the court that they got the bones from a fellow Mozambican man only known as Manuela who had asked him to look for the market.

“Then I approached Never Rodrick to assist me looking for the Market and he told me that his brother told him that Enock Taliana of MakokaTrading centre is the buyer of human bones and we did not hesitate but approached him,” he said.

The two admitted to the charge, and pleaded for leniency because they have families.

But, Police prosecutor Sergeant Abigal Mayuni asked the court to give the duo a stiff punishment befitting the gravity of the case.

In his ruling, Senior Resident Benedicto Chistakamire said the two deserved a custodial sentence because of the seriousness of the offence.

“Whether you took the bones from a live human being or the dead one I have ruled out a non-custodial sentence and I therefore give u 8 years imprisonment with hard labour from the day you were arrested,” read part of the ruling.

Lex kaitano 25 and Never Rodrick 30 years hails from Majawa Village Traditional Authority Chindiwe in Milanje district in Mozambique.

Section 16 of the Anatomy Act prohibits people from selling or buying the body of a deceased person or a tissue removed from the body of a deceased or living person; or for gain or profit, supplies to any person for educational, scientific, research, therapeutic or diagnostic purposes, or any other purpose whatsoever, tissue removed from the body of a deceased or living person.mana

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