People in the country should expect to see more law enforcers patrolling different locations at night as a way of combating crime.
This follows the general public’s complaint that there is less visibility of police officers at night compared to those on patrol during the day.

The Malawi Police Service had attributed the absence to inadequate funding with some police stations reportedly being provided with 10 litres of fuel.
Police Southern Region commissioner Dr George Kainja said they are aware of the problem and are working to rectify it.

“I am aware of the problem having heard people saying that the concentration of police officers in cities and towns is only during the day,” Kainja said.

“A regional commissioner, I expected the opposite to be true because there is a lot of crime taking place at night compared to during the day.
Kainja said the police will sit down and revisit the situation so that there is a balance on the number of police officers to ensure safety in the locations.

Recently over 1,700 new law enforcers graduated into the police system, giving Malawians hope that the police to citizen ratio would be reduced.
However Kainja could not disclose whether funding is the main reason why more officers are not patrolling locations and areas at night.

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