Government through the NGO board has threaten to shutdown some NGO’S that are operating without following the procedures, mostly that are critical to the administration.

The targeted include Malawi religious of network leaving with HIV lead by MacDonald Sembereka,Malawi health equity network( mhen) directed by the vocal activist Martha Kwataine,centre for development of people(cedep),headed by another vocal activist Gift Trapence and Malawi economics justice( mejn) led by Dalitso kumbalasa

320 NGO are on the risk of facing closure for failing to register with NGO board
Gender Minister Patricia Kaliati said, the government will give the NGO 30 days period to register with NGO board or face risk of closure

“These are the same organizations that are very rude and all noisy NGO are gong to be closed,” said Kaliati

She said her office is consulting with council of non governmental organization and other stake holders before shutting down the NGO’S.
In line with the section 20 of NGO act, any organization wishes to operate in Malawi must register with NGO board
NGO board chairperson Emily Banda said all NGO that are not registered are operating illegally.
“Most NGO are running away of submitting their returns, because the donors don’t know the existence they just provide funding, letters have been written to inform them the next course of action,” said Banda.

In reaction Trapence whose organization is one of targeted ones of being critical to government on human rights issues and campaign for homosexuality said the NGO law is vague and unclear

The NGO act requires NGO to register five times under register general, under NGO board, under Congoma, under ministry of gender, and under addition ministry for the purpose of memorandum of understanding said Trapence

He claimed that his organization has consulted NGO board on the matter and admitted and the law has been taken to the parliament. He further said cedep is waiting instruction from NGO board

Kwataine said mejn is the processing of registering with NGO board

Kaliati denied reports that Mutharika want to copy what president of Zimbabwe did of banning the NGO’S in his country.

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