As the country continues to register high cases of crime due to insecurity, People’s Progressive Movement (PPM) president, Mark Katsonga- Phiri has called for the immediate resignation of President Professor Peter Mutharika and his Cabinet.

The call comes barely a week after the brutal murder of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director of Corporate Services Issa Njauju.

In an interview with Daily Times, Katsonga accused Mutharika of failing to bring the much-needed economic transformation to the country.

“Let’s forget whatever government is doing in trying to attract investors because insecurity is so high. I would not myself go into a country to be killed. So, I consider the lapse in security a very big drawback in whatever government is doing to attract investors.

“The economy is bad, security is bad and that puts us in a very awkward position. The only way Malawi can move out of this situation is to put a new government in place; these guys have failed,” said Katsonga.

He said the only way for the country to develop is for the DPP regime to park and go.

Reacting to the call, DPP’s Spokesperson Francis Kasaila has rebuffed the call, saying Katsonga should wait for 2019 general election.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with MBCtv, Mutharika ruled out possibility of him stepping down as advocated by some quarters in the country.

Mutharika declared landslide victory during the forthcoming general election.

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