A seven-year-old girl who went missing in the Colombian jungle has been found alive after nearly three weeks.

Jessica Patricia Arias, went missing in Tayrona National Park collecting coconuts with her parents, reported Reuters.

Hundreds of officers took part in the air and land search in northern Colombia.

She was found with moderate malnutrition and dehydration in an abandoned hut after an anonymous call.

It comes weeks after a young mother and her baby son were found alive five days after their plane crashed in the jungle of western Colombia.
Local official Albeis Fuentes said injuries on the girl’s feet indicated she may have walked long distances.

Jessica’s mother, Elena Cortes said: “God himself helped her to survive so many days.
“Thank you to God and the national police.”

Police are investigating who may have made the anonymous call to the authorities about the girl’s whereabouts and how she survived.

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