A man from Mberengwa got the shock of his life when he caught his UNCLE red-handed ‘raving’ his wife on the matrimonial bed.

The man, Tanaka Malazi, caught his wife of five years Jestina Sibanda with no clothes on in the company of Conwell Shumba.

After witnessing the sexual encounter he went berserk and assaulted his uncle with an axe handle all over the body.

Malazi appeared in court before magistrate Christopher Matarure facing charges of assault.

He was handed a nine month sentence of which three months were set aside.

The remaining six were also suspended on condition that he performs community service.

In his defence, Malazi said he did not intentionally assault Shumba.

“The act was not planned; it came out as a result of anger. I also have children that I take care of so I am asking this court to be lenient with me.”

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