The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) on Thursday called on leaders of the Christian faith to condemn actions of pastors ordering their congregations to, among others, strip in church, drink petrol, and consume snakes.

“I call on all ministers of the gospel who have received theological training and have been in the ministry for more than 30 years, even before some of these self-styled prophets were born, to reprimand these out-of-order individuals who are making a mockery of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said president of ACDP, Reverand Kenneth Meshoe.

The call by Meshoe follows a recent story of a South African-based pastor, 24-year-old “Prophet” Penuel Mnguni, allegedly ordering his congregation to eat snakes, clothes, and rocks.

Mnguni’s church, the End Times Disciples Ministries, is based in Gauteng’s Soshanguve Township and frequently documents its services on social media site Facebook.

Images of snakes being consumed, the pastor riding members of his congregation, and women stripping down to their underwear are showcased in the albums.

“How does making churchgoers strip off their clothes in church glorify God except to satisfy the lustful eyes of people who want to see naked women in church?” Meshoe said.

Meshoe added that Mnguni was incorrectly using Romans 14 to legitimise his “unbiblical conduct”.

“What they are doing is wrong and is bordering on witchcraft and magic and should therefore be condemned in the strongest possible terms,” he said.

Meshoe said these leaders appeared to be wrongfully seeking publicity and as such, making a mockery of the Christian faith.

“If these so-called prophets want to help their communities, and then let them help the poor, destitute, and those that are being destroyed by drugs such as Nyaope,” he added.

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