The Country’s Vice President Saulosi Chilima on Sunday took a bold step and advised Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials to stop attacking opposition Political Parties in the country, saying that will take the Party to nowhere.

Chilima said this at a development rally held at Nyambabwe Community Day Secondary School in the commercial capital Blantyre.

In his speech, Chilima said time for responding to each and every remarks said by the Opposition is over, saying its time DPP as a Party to serve Malawians who voted the Party into power.

Chilima also advised Mutharika to be very careful with some top officials that have surrounded him, saying not all are helping him in good faith.

“Mr President, njoka saweta (snakes cannot be reared)….ena anayesera kuweta nsato koma mapeto ake anawadyera mwana (some tried to rear a python but it ended up killing their child). Those joining us should just come to help build the nation.

“But if you start confusing matters, the situation won’t be alright. I am urging all confusionists to have self discipline. A good President has welcomed you, why don’t you just give a hand where necessary. Aliyense anamugawira ntchito yake (the President gave each one of us a specific role to play),” Chilima said.

Chilima also advised DPP official to stop politics aimed at terminating someone’s life, confrontation, divisions and backbiting needs to be avoided if the country is to develop.

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