Controversial Malawian Pastor based in South Africa, Hastings Salanje has accused the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration under President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika over the July 6 Independence celebration which saw money amounting to MK300 million being blown off, saying the money could bought 1500 iron sheets for poor Malawians.

The criticisms come barely weeks after Salanje disclosed interest to joint Politics and contest as Presidential candidates in 2030.

Writing on his officials Facebook page on Sunday, founder of Wells of Revival Ministries said that it is sad that as the country celebrate 51 years of Independence 75% of Malawians are still leaving in a grass thatched houses.

Salanje said MK6 billion that the DPP government paid to Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) on behalf of Mulli to collect toxic loans could have bought iron sheets for 30,000 houses for poor Malawians in the country.

“What about the other mistakes which we have made since this Government came into power? How much money could we save and be directed to the poor ?.And what about the mistakes which we made since our independence (51 yrs) how many houses could we build for the poor in our country?
“But @ 51 years 75% of Malawians akugona nyumba zodotha, and we always say we are poor we don’t have money. But no we are not poor, but the problem is that we don’t have wisdom to deal with our problems,” wrote Salanje.

He added: “It’s like a father who after getting a salary he goes straight to a bear Hall and spend all money, and then he comes back home and try to convince his wife and children that he is poor that’s why he can’t buy food. We build expasive roads just to help a rich man to drive his Mercedes benz smoothly and fast,but we forget the to help the poor.”

Salanje also accused Politician in the country of sidelining voters when they are powers, saying this is uncalled for.

“We build expensive offices just to help few individuals to feel good while the masses of the poor people are suffering out there. And most of the time in these expensive offices is where most girls are getting pregnant.

“We use the poor to vote for us and after getting into office we forget them and start making friends with the rich who did not even vote, just to find ways of how to rob the poor,” said Salanje adding that “all these we are doing without mercey and we blind people by telling them that things are not okay while we are smiling all the way to the bank.”

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