Malawi still maintains position number one of poorest countries in the world based on GDP capital, according to ABC news report.

GDP is the value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given year. A country with a GDP per capital of $765 dollars or less is defined as a low-income or poor country. And it is on the basis of this GDP, that the top ten poorest countries map has been prepared.

According to the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Report for 2009, about 74 per cent of the population still lives below the income poverty line of US$1.25 a day and 90 per cent below the US$2 a day entry. The proportion of poor and ultra-poor is highest in rural areas of the southern and northern parts of the country.

Malawi which has a population of 16 million while among the smallest countries in Africa with a very low GDP of $226.50.

Poor housing ,Industrialization, overpopulation, investment, poor infrastructure,lack of resources, colonialism, poor education standards, and debts are few of the most critical aspects that make poor countries remain poor.

The ABC news points report also indicates that Malawi country is in the list of top poorest countries in the world following its low per capita and living standards whereas Malawi has extremely low life expectancy and high infant mortality which couldn’t be controlled yet.

The Report further said Malawi is one of least developed nations in the world; however, some of improvements have been seen in the recent years but not enough because these depend upon foreign aids which are not constant.

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