The House Of Lords Deputy Speaker Lord Sewel has resigned, and is now facing police investigation for snorting cocaine with prostitutes.
It’s almost too cliché, a politics drugs scandal that includes coke and hookers, but the Sun on Sunday broke the story today that led to the Deputy Speaker resigning.

The married 69 year old peer is ironically in charge of upholding standards in the House of Lords, but got caught on hidden camera snorting coke with prostitutes that he had paid £200 each. He was even sniffing the drug off one of the girl’s breasts.

It’s obviously not the first time either, as one of the girls says “You were really naughty the other night. You really, really were” before he sheepishly responded, saying “I know”. I dread to think what that means.

Less than a week before this sex and drugs party, he had announced the House’s new powers to expel Lords if they breached the code of conduct.

Sewel, who earns a £84,500 salary and lives in a £1.2 million house with his wife, Lady Jennifer, has stepped down under pressure, and it’s currently not known exactly what will be the next action taken, but the police are now investigating the incident.

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