A wealthy landlord left his daughters a cool $20 million inheritance.

Sound good? Well, there are some conditions. In order for Marlena and Victoria Laboz to get their $10m they have to complete a list of tasks.

Marlena will get $500,000 when she gets married, but her husband has to sign a statement saying he’ll keep his hands off the money.

She can also get $750,000 for graduating from an accredited university, although she has to complete a 100-word essay stating what she’ll do with the cash, which then has to be approved by a board of trustees.

And they are guaranteed to earn three times the amount of their annual salary, with a payout every year that will be triple the number on their tax return.

It was intended to instil certain values into the girls, but to be honest it’s probably just going to lead to them completing various life milestones prematurely so they can get the money. It’s a pretty terrible way to make sure they end up in a loving marriage.

The lawyer handling the case, Jeffrey Barr, said:

It’s a way to control things from the grave. You don’t see a lot of it, but it happens… People do it because they think it’s for the good of the children.

Controlling dad taken to a whole new level, from beyond the grave.

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