Well, for reasons not far-fetched; most men are categorized into two groups, the bad guys and the good guys. This may not be true as we believe that the ideal man is one that walks a fine line between the two groups.

A lot of women say they want a good and nice guy but usually end up dating the bad guys (same way men want the simple ladies but end up dating the “complicated” ones). And this is why it is usually so.

 Their Personalities Don’t Seem Genuine

The good guys appear too nice and good to be true. Ladies seem to think no one can be that nice unless they’re saintly or from heaven. Truth is the good guys are most times being busy acting too nice than being themselves. The natural instincts of women is to be cautious of this. The bad boys most times keep it real while the nice guys try as much as they may not to upset the ladies.

They Don’t Have Self-Respect!

Nice guys don’t have set boundaries as they would go all the way to please the ladies just as they fail to make any real demands from the ladies. On the other hand, a bad boy would really not allow a woman dictate the pace of the relationship or control him in anyway. Often times, women don’t respect men they can control and when they don’t respect you, they can’t be attracted to you.

They’re so Predictable Which Is quite Boring!

Truth is a lot of people actually live lives that are boring and predictable which makes them attracted to their opposites who are mostly fun filled, unpredictable and exciting. This is exactly what makes bad boys challenging and the nice guys not challenging. Added to the fact that the nice guys lack excitement and fun, a lot of ladies would rather opt for the bad guys.

Loving Bad Boys Is Part Of The Female Genes

Women are made in a way that nurturing is part of their DNA. They nurture almost everything around them from children to family. They also often end up doing it with bad boys because they think living them would save and rescue them from their bad ways. On the other hand, women feel the nice guys rarely need saving as they are often times on the right path.

Women Like To Feel Needed

Everyone loves to feel needed and women are no exception. Most of the time, women see bad guys as people that need “fixing” and they usually end up making them their project. Some women are of the opinion that if they can create their ideal man, he won’t be able to leave them. Such women also feel that by helping to fix people around them, they are distracted from focusing on things that require fixing in their own lives.

Their Sperm Is Weak

Biologically, women are made to strive to procreate with the strongest genes available. Bad guys send messages unconsciously that their genes are the best available ones and as such are not scared of losing any woman or misbehaving whereas nice guys send messages that their genes are not good enough and as such, they won’t misbehave.

They Have A Fear Of intimacy

When a woman has the fear of being intimate or committed, she subconsciously feels that a bad boy won’t want commitment and she won’t have to be that close to him for that to happen. A good guy would eventually want intimacy and commitment which would be scary for her.

They Sometimes Have Low Self-Esteem

Most people aren’t comfortable being around people who treat them better than they treat themselves. If you’re one that doesn’t think much of yourself, the bad boy only reinforces your negative perception of yourself. A good guy on the other hand treats a lady in a way she’s not familiar with and that fact scares her.

The Sex Isn’t As Mind-Blowing

Ladies seem to think that good guys won’t be that good in bed. Ladies sometimes want to be manhandled in bed and they feel nice guys won’t be able to take charge and fulfil their fantasies. A bad boy looks like one that will be able to get the job done even though this may not always be the case.

Bad Boys Are Totally Sexy

It is quite hard to see a bad boy who isn’t handsome or sexily hot.


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