Since Kamuzu died, there has been no much difference between Governments that came after Kamuzu and MRA, infact they have been acting like MRA no 2. What do I mean?

Government duty is to build the country by providing jobs, make sure the country is prospering, feed the poor, build houses for the poor, make sure that every citizen have a share of the wealth directly or indirectly, builds roads and other infrastructures.

But today all the Governments that came after Kamuzu never did all these things apart from building some few roads and Government offices
Governments stopped providing jobs, take care of the poor, hospitals have been abandoned, and etc

All what the Government know now is to collect money from donors and MRA and distribute it to civil servants.

Sell companies that could provide jobs.

There has been no other mechanism of making money from within, every body is living on his or her own. If you are poor you are poor uzionela wekha.

But I remember very well how Kamuzu provided jobs, when children finished their school they were happy because they knew that they are going to get a good job. Most of the companies that are sold today, were build by Kamuzu.

I remember very well how Kamuzu fed the poor, in Kamuzu time you were given a bus ticket if you were coming out the hospital, in those days you could go to a police station and get a letter that could see you getting transport if didn’t have one.

Infact we were living like a kingdom where the Government was really at the centre of the poor people.

The only problem which Kamuzu had was the fear of unknown, he was surrounded by the people who could feed him with lies, so he was fearing everything, and that caused luck of developments in some places.


Mr President I want to thank you for the construction of the new road which is going on now, but there is no strange thing in it, because every body who came before you did the same thing, that is a normal job for any Government.

Mr president that is good, but it doesn’t directly help the poor person out there, it doesn’t directly help that boy and that girl who has finished school but can’t get a job.

Mr president I will be more happy when I hear that the Government has created more jobs.

Mr president I will be more happy when I see a president of Malawi going out to do a ground breaking of the construction of houses of the poor Malawians.

Mr president infact you were not suppose to West resources by going there, because there is no new thing in that.

Mr president how do you feel when you are in the palace, but 75% of Malawians are failing to sleep because their houses are liking?

Mr president how do you feel when you know that you have a job, but because of the powers put upon you, you are taking away the job of a young man and young woman by selling the only thing Like a Bank that could keep him/her getting a salary?

Mr president how do you feel when you are taking K6bilion of the taxpayer poor Malawians money and give it to one rich Man? Do you know how much people are crying when they are crossing our borders with goods? They are crying because MRA is over charging them, is over charging them because MRA is trying to raise K6bilion so that you can give to one man called Mulli.

Mr president how do you feel when you are spending K300milion on one day partying with friends in the name of 6 July while a teacher or a police man has not yet received a salary?

Mr president how do you feel when you sit down around your food table and eat chicken while you know that 75% of Malawians akukupa therere la gaiwa out there?

Mr president am not your critic, but is the flag which you are holding which is making me to speak to you so that you can start considering these issues.

It’s time to think deep, let’s think for the poor,

It’s time to change things Mr president,

Mr president all of us we can not be selling mandasi or tomato to survive, people needs jobs.

Mr president how do you feel when you and your ministers collect your salaries and yet a civil servant is spending 3 months with getting a salary? It’s time to think deep sir.

when you look at the story of our sister, Mrs Kaliati’s mother selling vegetables, is the indication of how we have forgotten our duties, I don’t blame our sister at all, because God has used that story to wake us up Mr president, and no one should blame Mrs Kaliati, because that is what is happening every where.

Thank you

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Robert Ngwira
Robert Ngwira
Attended Our Future Private Secondary School in Rumphi from 2006-2009 Holder of Diploma in Journalism from Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) Hobbies, reading newspapers, going out with friends, listening to radio and watching football. Email:


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