This lady (The Victim) might have told her people back home that she was going to do a lucrative business in The United Arab Emirates (Dubai to be Precise) little did they know the height of shame she was going to bring back home.

Her Madame (Boss in Prost!tut!on) has released her stark naked video as she breached the contract they both had, Nobody has an idea of how she breached their contract but you can simply guess and the truth will not be far from it, its either she Ran away, or could not pay up her debt, or became rude and disobedient to her Madam, or Just realized that her choice of business would only lead her into disaster!

madam 33

So what did the madam do? Upload the video of her Girl stark n@ked on facebook, facebook has since taken it down but trust Millions of Nigerians to quickly save it and reupload it immediately, its so unfortunate and i feel so sorry for the Victim, i mean only God knows how her unborn kids and future Husband would feel when they finally stumble upon this video later in the future. Ladies you guys really need to be alot wiser and to the madame its only God that can judge you.

In The Video you see the Victim answering questions from her Madam infact Just watch and see for yourself

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