CCAP Livingstonia Synod Moderator Rev Douglas Chipofya on Saturday asked President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to abolish the quota system of selecting students to public institutions of higher learning, saying the system is denying deceiving student to access higher education in the country.

Chipofya made the call during the Ngoni Umtheto cultural festival in Mzimba Hora where President Mutharika was is in attendance.

The highly charged Chipofya publicly denounced the system, saying students with better grades are left out in the selection process that aims to ensure equal distribution of university places across the country’s three regions.

“In some cases students with less than 10 points in the Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) are left out because the authorities want to ensure that all regions have equal numbers of students selected to public universities,” said Chipofya.

However, Chipofya hailed Mutharika for launching the Mombera University of Animal Science in Mzimba, saying this will ease the challenge currently being experienced when it comes to selection of students.

On his part, Mutharika hailed the Ngoni for coming up with such invent, saying he will continue rendering his support to the grouping.

“Culture is the rock on which we build development. We can use culture to shape the way we think and do things. This is the duty of every cultural group in this country. Therefore, cultural groupings should teach us the right values that will make us a proud, united and successful nation.

“We need a culture of patriotism, integrity and a spirit of hard work among our people. These values and pillars of progress must be embraced and be made part of our culture, in all our cultural groupings across the nation. Only then, can the economic transformation my government has undertaken be a reality for us and our children,” said Mutharika.

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