People get ashamed of their partners for various reasons without even letting their partner know. Instead of helping that person work through the flaws, they choose the easier and more cowardly option of being ashamed.

Yesterday, I did a topic on 7 signs your partner is ashamed of you; highlighting 7 practical signs your partner wouldn’t be proud of you when others are around.

Well, if you’ve known the signs that your partner is ashamed of you, you ought to know why.

Everyone would love their partner to be good looking, but relationships aren’t just about ‘who’s good looking and who isn’t’; it goes beyond that. However, not everyone can stomach the fact their partner doesn’t have good looks, so when they are in public places there is no show of love and affection. Looks account for a major reason why people get ashamed of their partners.

Class, social status, who’s more affiliated and who isn’t, who has the better background and who doesn’t can make one to be ashamed of his/her partner. Class difference is another major factor that can make one ashamed of his/her partner. When there is a major class difference between two couples, the higher classed person could get a little bit ashamed to introduce the lower classed to friends.

Interestingly, a lot of reasons why people get ashamed of their partner can be drawn from here. “She’s too fat”, “he’s too short”, are common excuses why people get ashamed of their partner. Slight body mishaps like a big eye, big head, scattered teeth, bad eye brows, big lips, poor shape, injuries, skin blemishes and a whole lot of excuses accounts for another major reason why people get ashamed of their partner.

When a partner has a poor dress sense and the other dresses excellently well, the one with a good fashion sense could get a bit ashamed when they are both out. The better dressed partner won’t be able to stand the fact that his/her partner can’t dress well to an occasion.

Some people are so into speech and diction rather than love and their relationship. Diction, accent, grammatical errors and all the nitty-gritty that comes with speaking English or any other major language could make such a person a bit ashamed. Not everyone is fluent with the English language; when a fluent person dates a person with a poor language structure, this can lead to the partner being ashamed and would rather want such partner to stay at home rather than join in public functions.

Poor hygiene, jobs and career path and so many other things make for reasons why people get ashamed of their partner. But the big question is ‘why be in a relationship that you’re ashamed of?’

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