With advent of the so called African socialites, you just never know the real character of the lady you are dating. She will wish you good night while in the arms of her sponsor (read sugar daddy) which begs the question, how do you really know the chic you are dating is lose?
Check out the list below and if your chic fall under it then you don’t need to be told, Straight up she is a who’re
#1. She Claims To Be A Model….
Nowadays every chic you meet will tell you she is a model by profession yet she has never won any notable award. If she says she is a model, run for your dear life my brother. She is as lose canon.
#2. She is friends with every Dj and Artist In Town….
If you ever at one time go out with her and she hags the Dj or claims to know local musicians, that is groupie and not a girlfriend. Groupies are known to remove panties faster than second drink of booze.
#3. You only see her when she dims it fit…
A lose girl will never let you fully into her life. By the time you know her place, you would have already known her other ratchet side. Such kind of chicks never wants to meet indoors. You can only meet in bars and night clubs.
4. Her friends are who’re
If her friends are who’re then it is no brainier that she is just like them. Get to know her friends especially how they behave under the influence of alcohol.
#5. She Curses a lot…
We all swear once in a while but for a lady to do it constantly is a sign that she might be messed up. You should also be on the look out for those who use broken English trying to sound all intelligent.
#6. Everything She Wears Is Fake…
Everything she wears is fake. If it is not her hair, it is her nails and the makeup on her face. Such girls are into making impressions and the more artificial they look the better
#7. She likes to party…
Ghanaian men should be wary of a woman who drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney. The probability of her going home with a stranger is almost one

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