True love may be hard to define but these signs listed below can tell if you have really fallen in love.

Check them out below

1. When you fall in love, you make sacrifices for the happiness or well-being of that special someone you are in love with, even if they may never realise it.

2. When you are in love, you give to your relationship wholeheartedly without expecting to get something back in return.

3. When you are in love, you get really hurt when that special someone you love upsets you but you can’t stay mad at that special someone for long because it hurts you even more.

4. When you are in love, you can’t imagine hurting that special someone whether physically or emotionally.

5. When you are in love, you beam with pride when that special someone achieves something great.

6. When you are in love, you see that special someone as part of your life.

7. When you are in love, just watching that special someone smile or laugh can make your day memorable.

8. When you are in love, you go a great length in trying to please your partner and make them feel loved and special.

9. When you are in love, you are willing to suffer just to make that special someone happy.

10. When you are in love, you keep that special someone in mind and think from their perspective in everything you do.

So are you truly in love?

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