To be honest, this is the hardest article I’ve ever written in my whole life. To stop a man from cheating is like trying to stop a kid from playing; kids love to play, men love to cheat, it’s usual and natural even.

The fact that men cheat and it’s hard to stop them doesn’t mean you won’t try, that’s why I termed this article ‘possible ways’; it’s not a surety but possible ways you can prevent your man from cheating.

I hope you would find this insightfulcontinue below as I reveal 6 possible ways you can prevent your man from cheating


This is the most important step in making sure your man would stick to you and not run around with every other female he comes across. If your man loves you then it’s easier to tame his cheating ways, but if he doesn’t love you or has little feelings for you then even magic wouldn’t prevent him from cheating on you. How he feels about you matters completely; always make sure you are in a relationship with a man that loves you.


If you think the best way to prevent your man from cheating is by stalking him, checking his messages and monitoring his every moment then you are totally wrong; by this you are pushing him farther away even. Choking and stalking him won’t prevent him from cheating; the only thing it would achieve is making him become more careful. 


This is one problem that a lady with a cheating man doesn’t understand; there is a kind of bond you would build with your man and he would find it difficult to cheat on you, and if he does cheat on you, he would feel guilty within him. Being lovers with your man isn’t enough, be his best friend, his confidant, his play mate, his companion, and when you are all these to him, he would find you irreplaceable; when your man finds you irreplaceable, cheating would as well be minimal.


When men cheat, they know it’s an untrustworthy act, so your stalking and the rest won’t be the answer, he already knows that he’s betraying you. If he’s having an affair and you are aware of it, let him know that you are aware of his cheating gimmicks in the most subtle way ever and don’t create a scene about it. With this you would have dealt a psychological blow and even if he goes on to cheat again, he would feel this overwhelming guilt. 


Every man adores a woman that knows her worth; knowing your worth isn’t pride, it isn’t arrogance but it is self-esteem, it is confidence. Even if you are trapped in that situation of dating a cheating man, still know your worth in all and your man would as well get scared of losing that lady he values. Don’t belittle yourself; know your worth and your man would value you as well. 


This is one thing some women take lightly; your look matters no matter what; mesmerise that man with sexiness, let him be continually marveled with your appearance at all times; some ladies take this tip for granted but it shouldn’t be so. Your man might love you no matter what but if you always look good, you give him more reason to love you the more.


Also, it’s important you create time for him, and let him know as well that you appreciate him. Most people would tell you to focus a lot on the sex but to be honest, even if you have the best of sex with him, if he still wants to cheat he would cheat; though it doesn’t go without saying that perfecting your act in the sheets would as well be useful.

There is no definite way to stop a man from cheating but with these tips I think one can probably tame a man from cheating.


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