Most ladies always ask this question ‘What do men really want in a wife?’ The wants of every man would definitely vary but when most men are questioned, you find out that what they really want in a wife is almost the same.

I have got some amazing tips for all the young women that aren’t sure what their husbands really need from them.

I had this call from a newly wedded friend who complained she wasn’t enjoying her marriage. She complained about how she quarrelled every time with her husband. The truth was she thought some of the points I am going to list were not necessary but when she actually applied them, she was amazed they worked. She needed points 1 & 3 and it worked for her.

Though it’s difficult to please some husbands no matter how hard you try, these tips would help with most husbands.

  1. A WIFE THAT IS GOOD IN BED: I talked about a friend that complained she wasn’t enjoying her marriage, one of the problems she had was s*x. S*x was painful to her and she hated having s*x with her husband and this caused problems with them. I advised her to talk about it with her husband, if he knows s*x is painful to her; he would definitely go gentle next time. The truth was their quarrels reduced drastically. She started enjoying it because he would go gentle even though it gets painful sometimes and with his help she became better in bed. Every marriage needs good s*x to survive.
  2. A HARDWORKING WOMAN: the dream of most girls is to marry a rich guy and lazy around in the house while he works so hard to make more money. The only thing they do is shop and shop as they try to lavish all that he makes. No man likes a wife that can’t take care of some simple things at home. There is nothing wrong in getting married to a wealthy guy but instead of being lazy doing nothing at home, you should get yourself busy with a job or start up something. Every man loves an independent woman and this is so true. Your husband would respect you more when he knows you can buy your own things with your own money.
  3. A WIFE THAT KNOWS HOW TO LOOK GOOD:nothing annoys a husband the most than when he sees his wife looking so unkempt. Every wife should know how to look good and hot all the time. Your husband shouldn’t have to look into the pages of a magazine before he sees a pretty woman; he should see a pretty woman when he looks at his wife. Every wife should wear good clothes, avoid unkempt hair and ensure she is the hottest woman in the world to her husband.
  4. A WIFE THAT COMPLIMENTS HIM: men also want to be complimented when they do a good job. After a session in bed, tell him he is the best lover in the world. If he buys you gifts, let him know you appreciate them. When you give sincere encouragement and compliments to your husband, you increase his self-confidence. Every man wants a wife with such qualities. Note there is a big difference between flattery and compliments.
  5. A WIFE THAT BELIEVES IN HIM: when a man has a wife that believes in him, he feels like he is on top of the world. I wonder why a woman would marry a man she doesn’t believe in. A man wants a woman that believes he has got what it takes to be there for her and the family at all times.
  6. A WIFE THAT CAN PLAY AROUND WITH HIM: men never stop being babies, they just love playing and having a good time. A man wants a wife that would enjoy his favourite sports with him, run around the house with him and maybe play PlayStation or Xbox with him.

These six qualities would make most men happy. I didn’t say all men because some men would never be happy no matter how hard a woman tries. I think what such men need is a surgery to change their heart of stone, LOL.

Hope you enjoyed reading this?


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