Matthew Pica had everything planned. They were out on a beach date, and the ring was ready. He even invited the families from both sides to witness the romantic seaside proposal. But he never expected something would go wrong.

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Kayla Harrity was surprised to look at her boyfriend who got down on one knee. While everybody started cheering them on, the unthinkable happened. Harrity didn’t even get to see a glimpse of the ring—when it fell into the ocean! As the 25-year-old Matthew opened the box, the ring suddenly fell out.

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Their families and local residents helped them search for the ring .

It was a blessing in disguise that he had family members present. They started looking for the ring in the water, since it wasn’t too deep. Locals even helped them by providing goggles and underwater flashlights.

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After a few hours of painstakingly looking for the ring, Matthew was able to propose to Kayla.

24-year-old Kayla Harrity was so happy to say ‘yes’ after hours of painstakingly looking for the said ring.

“My fiancee, soaking wet, smelling like salty, fishing water, proceeded to get down on one knee and put the beautiful ring on my finger!”



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