Meet Woman who is Addicted To Sex, Sleeps With 17 Men A Day, Looking For More


A 22-year old self-confessed hooker says she sleeps with at least 17 men a day.

Esther Mbewe from Mangochi, says she now finds it hard to quit the world’s oldest profession-prostitution.
Esther, who doubles as a vendor, believes she is being used by evil spirits.

In an unsolicited interview, Esther appealed for help to quit prostitution. “The reason I decided to come out in the open with my problem is because I believe if you talk to others about your problem you get help.

“I can best describe myself as a s-ex slave. I am now addicted to it to the extent that I sleep with no less than 17 men per day

“I started prostitution as a way to sustain myself financially but these days I am indulging in s-ex because I can’t live without it.

“When I divorced my husband, I started making people pay MWK2000 per session. On a daily basis, I don’t earn anything less than MWK20K because I sleep with at least 17 men per day,” she said.

Esther said the people who pay her for s-ex are usually repeat customers because she is very good in bed

confmalawi“Normally every man whom I sleep with, will always com back to me because I am really good at it. I have the same clients and that is why I manage to sleep with all these men in a single day,” she said.
Esther went on to say she is seeking divine intervention and she hopes to meet a prophet for a deliverance session.

“I have been attending ministries for the past four months and my wish is to meet a prophet and tell him about my problem.

“I know if I get a one on one opportunity with him, my life will never be the same again. I have friends who had the same problem as mine and they are now all delivered.


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