Your dream and sleep can be easily disrupted by doing some things before going to bed. Here are 3 most important things not to do after 9PM


New studies show that a cigarette before bedtime can make a major drawback and you fell tired and unenergetic in the morning the next day. Nicotine makes more serotonin release, so smokers spend less time in the REM stage.


Meat for dinner

Meat is high in proteins and proteins need more time to be digested and that means more work. Next time think about what you’ll have for dinner and make sure to be something lighter and have a good quality sleep.

Too tight bra

The bra, as well as too tight garments bother the rest and quality of dream, which prompts an increased body temperature and decreased serotonin level. Wear something comfy or an agreeable nightgown for better rest.


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