Everyone wants to be respected, but respect isn’t what you demand, respect isn’t what you can buy — respect is earned as a result of your words and most especially your actions. The message you portray to people or a person is what would determine if you get their respect.

When you earn people’s respect, in their eyes you won’t be seen as ordinary. There is a huge difference between respect and fear. Respect is born out of influence, it is your charisma at work; on the other hand, fear is born out of force and power.

Also, people make the mistake of thinking that wealth is the only gateway to winning people’s respect, but inasmuch as wealth can bring its own respect, it is how you make it and what you do with it that sustains people’s respect for you. Earning people’s respect isn’t by how much you make, it is by what you do and how you do it; you can be wealthy and still not be respected.

The following habits below would help you win people’s respect.


You can’t win even your friend’s respect by not keeping to time. Being late to work or for an appointment or any event would never bring you respect. However, keeping to time is a quality everyone admires in a person. If you’re a boss and you’re punctual, you earn you subordinate’s respect; if you’re are a staff and you’re punctual, you earn the respect of not just your colleagues but your bosses as well. Don’t do it because you could get promoted, do it for yourself; let it be a part of you.


Being a man of your words would make people believe in you. When you do what you say at all times, you automatically earn people’s respect. Almost everyone needs someone to look up to, and this trait would make you a model for many. If your yes is yes, and your no is no, and your 7am is 7am then you’re a man of your words and people would respect you for that. Always bear this tip in mind: never promise that which you cannot do.


This is probably the easiest way to win people’s respect, but we humans sometimes don’t like the easy way when it matters. If you give someone respect, especially without minding your level of authority then you would automatically win that person’s respect.


Always give your all in everything you do, do a good job at all times, meet the highest standards, never do a haphazard job. Put in your best in everything you do and people would respect you.


People respect others who can create or add value. Touch lives, add value wherever you go, and you would have people’s respect. The likes of Nelson Mandela created value and they are respected worldwide. Yes, not everyone can be Nelson Mandela, but you have a family, you have neighbours, a community you live in — in that close community, add value to people’s lives and they would respect you for it.


People might laugh this off, but standing for what’s right, being incorruptible in what you do would make you stand out and people would respect you for that. Many would hate you for having a moral standard, but they would respect you still.


We live in a world where people are selfish, self-centred and put themselves first in everything they do. Doing the opposite of that, that is caring about people wouldn’t just make people respect you, but they would love you as well.


I’ve never seen a lazy man that’s respected, but I’ve seen hard working men and women who win the respect of people by simply working hard. Work hard, be focused, give your all and people would respect you for that.

Winning a person’s respect isn’t by what you say or how you feel; it’s mostly by what you do.

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