Mounting evidence suggests homosexuality as the cause for Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction of dinosaurs tens of thousands of years ago, according to recent U.S. research. The study, which was led by the famous paleontology researcher Dr. Dick Weiner from the American Institute of Creation Research (AICR), specifically looked at preserved dinosaur fossils to reach a conclusion.

In a paper published in the journal Anals of Science on Friday, Dr. Dick Weiner and his research team measured anal diameter and rectal bone damage on seven species of male dinosaurs that spanned 72 million years of evolution. According to Dr. Weiner, dinosaur fossils from the last few millennia prior to their extinction showed multiple evidences of increased homosexual activity among males, compared to their predecessors.

Photo: Dr. Weiner presenting his Research findings infront of his colleagues at the AICR

“The fossils from the early phase of the Cretaceous period failed to show evidence of rectal damage. However, that early moral period was later replaced by an amoral Faggotaceous period where the gay dinos where fucking like crazy,” said Weiner, who studied fossils found in Mongolia. “These events would have lead to a decrease in female fertility and reduced population growth.”

This study addresses multiple shortcomings of the more popular asteroid collision theory, which was brought to wide attention in 1980 by Walter Alvarez and colleagues, links the extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous period a giant meteorite crashed off Mexico approximately 65 million years ago. Alvarez et al. proposed that a sudden increase in iridium levels, recorded around the world in the period’s rock stratum, was direct evidence of the impact.

“The Alvarez theory has a lot of loop holes. First of all, why would there be an asteroid collision? There should be a reason for God to get upset and destroy an entire species with asteroids and fire. Our new information incorporates elements of the Alvarez hypothesis to make it a complete theory – the Divine Intervention Theory,” study co-author Dr. Peter Parker at Ashwood University told The Wadiyan. Parker’s team studied soil sediments discovered off Mexican shores almost a mile beneath the surface, and found iridium elements only in the amoral Faggotaceous period.

“We have used advanced visual and olfactory techniques to find evidence of iridium in the sediments collected from early Cretaceous period. There were pieces of Tacos, poo and weed but no iridium,” said Dr. Parker, who led the Mexican team. “These evidences indicate an asteroid strike, but only as an after effect of the homosexual dinosaurian life style observed in the later Faggotaceous period. We call it the Divine intervention”

Dr. Weiner believes that the new discovery, while reassuring the Christian moral values, largely reduces the distance between science and religion in the United States.

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