If you want your son or daughter to stand out from the crowd, you might want to consider giving him or her an unusual and unique name. Choosing a name for your baby isn’t an easy task. The name you choose will stay with your baby from infancy right through to old age. It’s a choice that requires careful thought, and that is made ever harder by the fact there are two of you involved in the decision. You may find that you and your partner have completely different tastes in names, making the process even more difficult. The best thing to do is explore a wide variety of names until you find one you’re both happy with (it will happen eventually).

So, if the names in the top 10 don’t appeal to you, or if you’re worried about your baby sharing her name with three other kids in her class at school, a unique name might be the way to go. Unique doesn’t have to mean outrageous, ridiculous or unfashionable. There are plenty of beautiful, striking and strong names that haven’t yet smashed their way into the top 100 names list. – See more at:

So if you’re after something a little different, here are unique baby names for your little girl or boy.

20 Unique Baby Names for Girls Here are twenty unique baby names for girls:

#1: Aurora

This beautiful name is fit for a princess thanks to Sleeping Beauty, and means ‘breaking of dawn’ in Latin. If you’re a Disney fan, this name could be a contender. It was also the name of a Roman goddess, making it a great choice for history buffs too. For the nature fans out there, Aurora is also the name given to the pretty spectacular Northern Lights.

 #2: Clea

Pronounced ‘Clay-uh’, this gorgeous name was invented by Lawrence Durrell for a character in Alexandria Quartet. It’s believed to be derived from the name Cleo, but is a more unusual name choice. Clea is a pretty sounding name, and would make a beautiful choice for a baby girl.

#3: Coco

This name is synonymous with world famous fashion designer, Coco Chanel, and so it carries connotations of beauty, grace and fashion. It was traditionally a pet name used in Spain and France, and is still a term of affection. Courteney Cox chose this name for her daughter back in 2004. Though this name has grown increasingly popular, it’s still relatively uncommon.

#6: Domino


Is a Latin baby name that means ‘lady’. It has a cool sound and a modern edge, making this a great choice for your daughter. It’s a cute name for a little girl, and a kickass name for a strong minded woman, meaning this name will grow with your daughter. – See more at:

#7: Elowen

You may not have heard the name Elowen before. It is considered to be a unisex name but is more commonly thought of as a girls name. It’s a Cornish name and means ‘elm’, making it a perfect choice for nature lovers seeking something out of the ordinary. Elowen is a relatively modern name, though it has an old world ring to it.

#8: Esty

E names are always popular for little girls. If you’re looking for something less common than Emma, Esme or Emilia, you might like this name. Esty is a modern take on the old fashioned name Esther. Lots of old names are coming back into fashion now, often with a modern twist that makes them appeal to modern parents. Esty is a cute and unique name that will suit a baby through to old age.

#9: Honey

If you’re looking for a cutesy and unusual name for your baby girl, Honey could be just what you’re looking for. Just as Coco was traditionally a French pet name, Honey is a commonly used modern term of affection. Honey is sweet, just like the name.

 #10: Ivy

Old fashioned names are back in fashion, and Ivy is one that hasn’t yet hit the big time. It has seen a surge in popularity since Beyonce and Jay Z chose this as the middle name for their daughter, Blue, but is still a pretty uncommon name. It’s a botanical name named after the beautiful, clinging plant that grows up walls and trees. This name may become more popular in coming years, so if you want a name that only your daughter will have, this might not be the one for you.

#11: Lark

Robin was once a popular bird-inspired name that has now fallen out of favour. If you’re looking for the modern equivalent, Lark is where it’s at. A lark is an English songbird known for its cheery singing. Lark is pretty unusual name with positive connotations so is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a beautiful and uncommon name for your daughter.

#12: Maya

This beautiful Hebrew name means ‘water’ and is one of the more popular names on the list. The name has grown in popularity over recent years, transitioning from hippie nature name to mainstream name, but is still a unique choice for your daughter. It is associated with nature and the earth, and is a beautiful name for any little girl.

#13: Mischa

Mischa is an unusual name that has its origins in the Russian language. It was traditionally considered to be a boys name, but thanks to Mischa Barton, it is now totally acceptable for your little girl. It’s an unusual, exotic and beautiful name fit for any baby girl.

#14: Mika

This Japanese name means ‘God’s child’ and is pronounced ‘mee-ka’. As Japanese culture becomes more popular around the world, this pretty name is an awesome choice for a baby girl. It’s uncommon but not unheard of making it a brilliant option for parents looking for something different that’s not too unusual.

#15: Pixie

Pixie is a very cute name that originates from both Sweden and Cornwall. It means fairy, so is a very sweet choice for a little girl. Pixies are mythical creatures with pointed ears and wings. It’s a gorgeous choice for a baby girl but works equally as well for a teenager or young woman, as modelled by both Pixie Lott and Pixie Geldof.

#14: Rory

If you’re hoping for a Gilmore Girls style lifelong friendship with your daughter, then perhaps the name Rory is worth considering? Traditionally of Irish descent, Rory means ‘red king’. This name is growing in popularity for girls in the US, but is still considered to be a boy’s name in the UK. Perhaps it’s time to break that trend and pay homage to Rory Gilmore in the process?

#15: Rowan

This unisex name works beautifully for baby girls. Meaning ‘little redhead’ this name is of Scottish and Irish descent. Rowan is a great nature name too, as it is the name of a tree found in Scotland that is said to ward off witches. Rowan is growing in popularity but is still quite uncommon so is a good contender for a unique baby girl name.

#16: Saffron

This unique name takes its inspiration from the expensive and rare spice used in cooking. The spice has a fiery orange colour, and is often used to add colour to food. This distinguished sounding name is still relatively rare, so could be a unique name for your unique baby girl.

#17: Sienna

Sienna is an Italian name that takes its inspiration from the red-orange clay. This name enjoyed a growth in popularity thanks to Sienna Miller, though is still an uncommon name. Thanks to Sienna Miller, the name is now associated with Hollywood glamour, fashion and beauty.

#18: Suri

This Hebrew name means ‘princess’, and was made famous by Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise when they chose this name for their daughter. The word suri also means ‘the sun’ in Sanskrit, and ‘rose’ in Persian, so it’s a perfect name for a little girl. Despite being a celebrity baby name, Suri hasn’t yet climbed the name charts.

#19: Tiger

Tiger is another name inspired by nature. Tigers are majestic creatures, they are strong, brave leaders. They are also one of nature’s more beautiful animals, and are becoming increasingly rare. If you’re looking for an animal-inspired name for your daughter, add Tiger to your list.

#20: Unique

If you’re looking for a name that is truly unique, a name like no other, then how about Unique. This name does exactly what it says on the tin, and you’re unlikely to meet another Unique at baby group (though it would be unbearably ironic if you did). This name appeared in recent years and is set to increase in popularity, though will most likely still remain a pretty unusual name. 20 Unique Baby

Names For Boys Let’s hear it for the boys! Here are 20 unique baby names for boys:

#1: Alber

This cool sounding name started like as a surname. With the current trend of using surnames as first names, it’s no wonder that roll-off-your-tongue Alber has transitioned to being a unique first name for little boys. It is thought to mean ‘noble’ or ‘quick mind’ and is popular in Germany and Sweden.

#2: Bear

Nature inspired names are often popular, as parents choose names that reflect the world around them. Bears are known to be strong, fierce, protective and loving, and this name encompasses all of that. Clueless star Alicia Silverstone chose this unique name for her son.

#3: Braven

Braven isn’t a name you hear every day, though it could be if you choose it for your baby. This simple, strong and rare name is a great choice for parents seeking something special for their baby. As you might expect, the name means strong, powerful, brave and courageous. It is a name for future leaders and warriors.

 #4: Caiden

This Welsh name is spelt differently to the more commonly seen Kayden, giving your son an edge without making his name too unique. Caiden means ‘battle’ and ‘fighter’. This name isn’t as unique as others on this list, and has been growing in popularity in recent years. So if you’re looking for a name that’s different, but not too different, this could be the one for you.

#5: Colby

Colby is an English name that simply means ‘from the black farm’. It isn’t a name you hear very often these days, though it has a long history as a traditional name. This name is unusual and will help your child stand out from the crowd, but without being too unusual.

#6: Emerson

Emerson is a name of German and American origin, it means ‘brave’. It’s a traditional name that has fallen out of favour, making it a great choice for a modern unique baby name. It is a pretty distinguished sounding name, don’t you think?

 #7: Ffionn

This Irish name means ‘fair headed’ and has its origins in Irish legend. Ffion is an important character in Irish mythology, and is said to have been a leader of warriors. He was brave, courageous, handsome and generous. This traditional Irish name is less common in other countries, and makes a great option for a unique baby boy name.

#8: Fletcher

Fletcher is another surname that has made the leap into the category of cool sounding first names. It is traditionally a Scottish name and means ‘maker of arrows’. This name is pretty popular in New Zealand, coming in at number 70 on the top boys names chart, but is less common in other countries.

#9: Grayson

This name means, quite simply, ‘son of Gray’ and is of gaelic origin. In keeping with the fashion of using surnames as first names, Grayson was traditionally used as a family name. This uncommon name is adorable for baby boys, but also mysterious and memorable as the name for a young man.

#10: Iolo

If you’re looking for a unique and unusual name, Iolo might fit the bill. Pronounced ‘yoh-lo’, this Welsh name means ‘wealthy guardian’. It is the Welsh diminutive of Edward, making it an uncommon and unique take on a more traditional name.

#11: Jett

Jett is the name of a gemstone known for its dark black appearance. Jewellry made from jett has been fashionable throughout history, with a particular peak in Victorian England when Queen Victoria publicly wore the stone. Jett is also now used as a baby name, and is a great nature inspired unique name for your son.

#12: Levi

The fashion world often influences baby name choices, with Coco’s growth in popularity undoubtedly linked with Coco Chanel. Levi is another name inspired by the fashion world, and has all the connotations of cool credibility associated with the jeans. For the more traditional family, this unique Biblical name means ‘attached’ in Hebrew. Perhaps a perfect choice for a family hoping to build lasting closeness.

#13: Montague

Traditional old-fashioned names are back in the charts again, but that doesn’t mean you have to pick one in the top 10. If you love the esteem and dignity of old-fashioned names, but want to avoid the most popular choices, Montague is a great option.

#14: Orlando

The name Orlando means ‘famous throughout the land’, and in the case of Orlando Bloom, that certainly seemed an accurate premonition. This name is unusual, but thanks to the help of Orlando Bloom, it’s a name people are familiar with.

#15: Indy

The word indy means independent. It is synonymous with low budget but excellent movies, cutting edge bands and pretty much everything you aspired to as a teenager. If you loved indy music, swooned after indy bands and loved nothing more than watching independent movies at your local indy cinema, then this name could be the one for you.

#16: Rocko

Rocko is a modern take on the traditional Italian name Rocco which means ‘rest’. It’s an uncommon, masculine name which sounds powerful and fun. It suits a boisterous toddler perfectly, whilst also being an unusual and strong name for a man.

#17: Stanley

If you want a different but-not-too-different name for your son, Stanley might be the name you’re looking for. It’s a strong, traditional name that has fallen out of use and is now a less commonly heard name. It’s an English name that was popular until the 1950s but is now less commonly heard on the playground.

 #18: Tate

This unusual English name means ‘cheerful’ and is a great option for an uncommon but not unheard of name. Tate is a short, simple and striking name that works for all ages. It is associated with the Tate art galleries in England, and so has an artistic side to it.

 #19: Vega

You might not have heard this name before, making it a great choice for parents looking for a completely unique name. It is an Arabic name and means ‘swooping eagle’. It is also the name of a star, making it a great choice for astronomy lovers.

#20: Zeppelin

This is arguably one of the coolest names on the list having taken its inspiration from the iconic rock band. There are unlikely to be any other Zeppelins in your child’s class, and your son will be pretty much guaranteed a lifetime of rockstar status amongst his peers.

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