Kasungu Police Station and Gundani location in Kasungu district on Monday became the centre of attraction as hundreds of people flocked to the two places to see an object which is alleged to be a witchcraft plane.

The ‘Plane’ is said to have ‘crashed’ in one of the areas in the Municipality called Gundani in front of a house of one Liness Kaulungo.

According to people close to the house where the object fell and were interviewed by Malawi News Agency (Mana), the object was discovered in the early hours of Monday after the owner went out to answer the call of nature.

The black object which resembles an airplane attracted hundreds of people as the news of the ‘plane crash’ had spread like wild fire in surrounding areas of Chitete, Chiteyeye and as far as Juma and Kasalika.

The police had to go to the area and get the object to Kasungu Police Station.

The attention of the people then shifted to Kasungu Police Station where people were gathering to have a rare sight of crashed ‘plane’.

The crowd that gathered had to block the busy road which is usually used by vehicles going up north making it difficult for cars to pass.

The country’s laws do not recognize the existence of witchcraft and when Mana caught up with the Police Publicist Inspector Kaunda why they had to intervene on the issue by taking away the object and questioning a few people, Kaunda said they did it for safety reasons.

“We saw that the issue was causing some commotion in the area so we had to act by taking away the object, to prevent further chaos,” said Kaunda.
According to Kaunda the object is being kept at the Police Station but did not say what action will be taken next.

The incident ignited some debate on the issue of recognizing witchcraft’s existence in the country with some people saying that was evidence enough that witchcraft exists while some were still of the view that it is difficult to tell from the object itself.mana

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