Sometimes we live our lives like we have control over everything. Humans tend to be selective in what they are appreciative of — the little things are treated like they don’t really matter, and we only seem to place emphasis on the bigger issues.

Sometimes we let the trials and disappointments we face override so many things we should be thankful for.

This article aims to point out certain things we should always remain thankful for.


If you have someone to talk to then that’s a lot to be thankful for. No man is an island and no one can survive on his own; imagine a life with just you, you and you alone. Even if you have everything and no one to share it with or even to simply talk to then you would live a miserable life. This might seem little but it’s enough to be thankful for.


The fact you can laugh and have something to laugh with then you have something to be thankful for. Laughter alone comes with tremendous health benefits.


This might seem ordinary, but it’s so much to be thankful. You aren’t mad or going nuts, you can reason, think and worry then you have something to be grateful for.


Sometimes I hear people curse the sun or the rain (I’m even guilty of this), but imagine if we didn’t have these two in our earth. The sun and the rain play a vital role in our existence whether we like it or not.

  1. WATER

Water may seem so little, but you aren’t thankful for it because you don’t know the importance. Visit a region with drought and you would forever cherish how important water is.


People underrate the importance of friends and some even treat their friends unfairly. Pause for a second and think of how empty your life would be without friends. I can’t place a price tag on my friends and I implore everyone to be grateful for the fact they have friends.

  1. MUSIC

Imagine how boring and soulless the world would be without music. Music might seem ordinary but it’s definitely worth being thankful for.


Imagine if you had to pay a dollar per second for the air you breathe. Even Bill Gates wouldn’t survive this. Being able to breathe means you are full of life and that’s something to always remain thankful for.

  1. TODAY

Every day is a new day to make something happen. A new day comes with its own hope, chances and opportunities and it is life — it’s worth being thankful for.


Family is one thing to always remain grateful for. Blood they say is thicker than water and I wonder why people disregard family.


Children are a gift to the world and there is no price tag that can be placed on how valuable they are. If you have children, be thankful; if you have children around you, be thankful.


Rather than complain daily of what you don’t have, why don’t you take a minute today and be thankful for that which you have, no matter how little. There is always something to be grateful for.

You would live a more fulfilled life when you do this.



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