The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) on Friday 18th September, 2015, arrested eight Blantyre and Lilongwe based businesspersons for offences regarding usage of Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs).

The eight, Mr. Weionong Ji of Jifa Supermarket, Mr. Amini Karji of A H Karji , Mr. Hassan Usman of Sky Electronics shop, Ms. Cecilia Nkamana of P & B Wholesalers, Ms. Sarfaraz Ismael Patel of Zeenat Beauty, Mr. Hamid Kazi of Hadid Enterprises, Mr. Emerix Anorue of CEA Enterprises and Mr. Steve Prince Storey of Prince and PH Trading.

The eight were arrested for failing to issue and retain fiscal receipts. The offences are contrary to section 46 of the VAT Act (Cap. 42:01) and regulation 28 (2) of the Value Added Tax Electronic Fiscal Devices Regulations, 2015, respectively.

Processes are underway for the eight to appear in Court and if convicted, they stand to pay EFD fines ranging from a minimum of MK500,000 for non – usage of the device to MK5,000,000 for fraudulent usage or be sentenced to imprisonment.

MRA is, appealing to all consumers to demand fiscal receipts and report any alleged malpractices involving the usage of the Electronic Fiscal Devices.

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