Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has yet again taken the social media by storm with a newly released video showing him walking on air, claiming that the power of God is upon him.

The development comes barely a week after another video went viral titled Supernatural Capturing Photos in the Spirit. In the video Bushiri was seen capturing the image of one of the congregants’ daughter believed to have been attacked by an evil spirit using an ipad.

The video received criticisms from all corners with others labeling it as fake and pre-arranged.

Reacting to the development, Bushiri warned his critics that they will struck by a mysterious death they will continue attacking him.

But in a recent video seen by FaceofMalawi complied by by News24 Zimababwe, Bushiri is seen walking down a rail of stairs. The Prophet then walks a certain distance airborne until he then finally reached the ground.

The video has also attracted mixed reaction again.

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