Information sourced by FaceofMalawi indicates that Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) has hiked the selling price of maize in its markets across the country by 37%.

Apart from hiking the price, Admarc is also implementing a rationing system of a maximum of 20 kilogrammes per buyer.

According to information at hand, the new price is K110 per kilogramme from the old price of K80 per kilogramme.

Adamarc Spokesperson, Agness Chikoko-Ndovi confirmed of the development in an interview with the Press.

Ndovi warned that the available maize is meant for household consumption and not for the businesspersons.

“This maize is being subsidised so that people can afford. But the fact that people can afford doesn’t mean that business people should take advantage of the situation to buy more for their business,” Chikoko-Ndovi said.

Last week President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika told the press that close to 3 million Malawians across the country will be hit hunger.

He attributed the hunger situation in the country due to what he called worst 2014/15 rainy season which was characterized by heavy floods.

Mutharika then appealed for help from both local and International well-wishers to assist the affected families.

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