UNILADs Nightclub Closed After Woman Performs Public Sex Act On Man For Free Drink image

A popular nightclub has been forced to close after a woman was caught on camera giving a teenager oral sex in a bid to get a free drink.

The graphic video shows how a lad stripped down to just his pants while a woman performed the sex act on him, as numerous revellers watched and cheered on in the club called Capezzio, in the Mexican city of Veracruz.

The footage has been shared widely on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp groups and shows that this was no unexpected incident on the club’s part, with compère Juan Santiago actually introducing the controversial moment to the assembled crowd.

Unfortunately for him and Capezzio’s owners, after the video quickly went viral, governor Javier Duarte instructed the Board of Trade to close the night club.

The nightclub is a popular spot with Mexican celebrities, but it has reportedly been raided by police twice in recent months for underage drinking. And now this PR disaster!

As one anonymous social media user reportedly said, summing the situation up pretty accurately, “The most expensive b****** in the history of Capezzio”. Well, quite!


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