A couple have admitted to the kidnapping, torture and rape of a woman whose boyfriend purportedly owed them money.Ronald Ford and Shavontae Green drove to the house of the victim’s boyfriend, who they claimed had not paid them the right amount for a laptop computer.

When they arrived, they instead found the 38-year-old victim, who they beat and then kidnapped.

Back at their home they beat the woman more, forced her to perform a sex act on Ford, burned her with a cigarette butt, whipped her with a chain and sodomised her with a table leg broken off a table. They also poured boiling water over her shoulder and chest and bleached her genitals.

The couple were arrested at their home by police after the victim’s boyfriend reported her missing.


Ford, 33, and Green, 26, admitted to kidnapping, assault and other charges for the January attack, and face 170 years and 75 years respectively in prison. They will be sentenced in November.

Ronald Ford and Shavontae Green

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