An upcoming artist cum-producer, Richard Mphopheya of ‘Chi Wrong Turn’ fame is set to release his debut album this month titled ‘Chi Wrong Turn’.

Mphopheya who owns Kasupe Studio in Bangwe, Blantyre started his music career in 2007 while at the age of 14.

Despite producing albums of well-known musicians in the country like that of George Kafodya, Innocent Chitimbe and Collings Chitimbe, Mphopheya had no chance of going in the studio to produce his own album due to financial problems until this year (2015).

Mphopheya’s debut album which is yet to hit the music industry was produced at Kasupe Studio and the album has 11 songs.

‘Chi Wrong turn’ hit is currently on promotion at and the song is enjoying massive air play both on local Television Stations and local radio station in the country.

The song tries to highlights immoral behaviours that many men do across the country by leaving their wives at home in search for concubines who ends up infecting them with HIV/AIDs.

Apart from this song, Walakwitsa Chizimba, Ichike Nawawo, Life and Kulira kwake are some of the hit songs that you can find at Malawi-music websites from the yet to be released album.

Speaking in an interview with FaceofMalawi, Mphopheya said he is currently working on few things in redness of the album release this month-end.

While promising fireworks in his debut album, Mphompheya urged his fans across the country to continue rendering him support.

‘Chi Wrong Turn’ hit maker hails from Nkhonya Village, Traditional Authority Chikumbu in Mulanje.

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