7 STRANGE & INTERESTING Reasons Malawian Youths Go To Church


#1:. Their Upbringing

Trust me, the culture of attending Church on a Sunday morning has eaten deep into many young folks that their DNA responds to it by default.

They go just because they were brought up that way. Right now, they are losing their drive because they are no longer within their parent’s radar. University stress has kept them busy.

#2:. To free themselves of the boredom at home

Some, their parents have placed them under “House arrest” or maybe they live in an estate that going out always warrant series of questioning, especially when their parents attend ‘AG or DLBC’… Going to church is a great opportunity to see the outside world in reality and not through FB

#3:. To chit chat with friends and gossip mates

Haha…some have more friends in church than outside. Don’t think the friends really positively adding to their lives.

Those friends of hers gossip everyone from a cute standing usher to the pastor’s wife. Funny, guys have such friends too but their discussion revolve around politics to football. Few times, young ladies…

#4:. To seek after and serve God in spirit and in truth

Many are called but few are chosen ba? Back then, youths were on fire for God but these days, “Updating Dp in Church”…the other day, two ushers were taking a photo in church and I was ‘begged’ to do it.

I was like… Warris dis? The other day too, me sef found myself doing it. Bad influence! Mtcheew!
Only few of my kind are left tho! grin who is on my side? cool

#5:. To chase girls and Attract Potential Guys

Some guys sha! They’ve taken their ministry to the ‘permanent sight’, even to the church. Convincing Sisters to visit them for evening fellowship: there are some invitations that should be turned down. (Remember: He that causeth one of these lil ones to fall, it’s better a milestone is placed around his neck and he be drowned in the sea). Whatever that means, it is scary and it looks like Hell has a new software, Hell 2.0 sad

Those ladies sha, with short gowns and skirts, Brazilian hair flowing around and entering your eyes during hot prayer session. Haba! You’ll see them looking back to see the current state of their next “maga”. They like songs like, “I waka waka, no one no one…I turned around no one no one…” What an opportunity to scan the perimeter for a potential “cute shark”

#6:. Because They Have Nowhere Else To Go

Yea, they have no where else to go. If they had, you wouldn’t see them in church. Have you heard excuses like, “I was washing”, “I was reading”, “I didn’t have money”, “I was playing football”? etc

That’s the excuse given by youths who go to church because they have no where else to go or nothing to do. When they do, they simply and easily brushed it aside. End Time Is Here O!

#7:. To display their newest clothes, hairstyle and shoes

When everyone had all their attention on the Pastor, I heard a distracting sound heading towards my direction. I thought I was in the spirit? Who could be moving around when a Message this hot is going on.

The figure I saw, one slim girl like that; just there to cause distraction and display her new shoes and perhaps new hair. Was so pissed! Must you cat walk on high-heels in the middle of a Service? Knowing people will stare? Before you know again, they’ll go out to wee, just to display…

Well, by now you know where you fall.


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