24-year old Becky Keegan has told of how she was held hostage for nine months by boyfriend, David Lacey who trained his dog to bite her. Becky Keegan only escaped by climbing through a kitchen window, breaking her ankle as she frantically ran away.

The lady had no electricity to keep her warm for almost a year, had her mobile phone stolen by him, and was prevented from contacting any of her relatives. The bad guy confiscated her bank cards and ensured she wore the same clothes every day.

Becky met David Lacey over Blackberry Messenger in March 2014 and the pair later began dating.

But after one weekend visit in April, last year, he imprisoned Becky in his house and she didn’t escape until January this year – nearly nine months later.

Lacey was jailed for 22 months after pleading guilty to false imprisonment. Now living with her mum Elizabeth, 44, Becky hopes to rebuild her life and become a care worker.

Becky Keegan

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