Certain sort of ladies are goddesses; the ladies we fantasize about at the danger of our own connections, and rundown off as our “optimal” whenever of day or night at whatever point we are inquired;

The eternity youthful cougar

She has got praiseworthy experience on the best way to tease and make men insane from a separation.

She smells new.

This lady presumably drives a German machine, and dependably has packs of security with her; she knows she can bait a sibling to “obligation” freely.

To her, wrinkles are an incredible marvel, and she got enrollment to an exercise center in suburbia.

Really the main men who can oppose her charms are the individuals who decline to take a gander at a lady more seasoned than 21 years.

The virgin who dresses like a stripper

You can discover this kind of ladies in town; the second semester ‘freshers’.

You know extremely well she is from heartland, however needs to dress like the Malawian adaptation of Rhianna.

She is gullible, new to the urban flash, still timid, yet… her butts from the outside look like great quality!

Her face too has not yet been powdered and wounded by shoddy make-up.

As such, she is a traditional portrayal of today’s Monalisa.

The dress she wears subsequent to being persuaded she looks “popular” by the Malawians, gives your eyes some great measure of ‘window shopping’ to the delectable indulgences you hope to get in the event that you figure out how to stick her.

The Man Eater

This lady knows how to touch you in the right places; my companion on the off chance that she puts her tongue in your ear; you will never hear again what your wife lets you know!

She cherishes sex with men, however loathes who we are and what we speak to.

We want her, however the main threat with her is: she will bolster you some hot ‘level trapeze artistry’, and after that dump you like a sack of potatoes.

Man eaters leave men damaged, however they are simple.

The nation mouse

So guileless, yet so delightful! She has shut her arms and sight to the awful world brimming with “evil presences” like you and I.

Genuinely; I cherish this “immaculate” lady who just sees the positive qualities in individuals.

Presently my manner of thinking is something to do with gradually ruining this submissive mouse into being an oddity in matters room and the wife I had always wanted.

Be that as it may, similar to all dreams, it is never that simple.


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