Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has offered an apology to Lilongwe City Centre independent MP David Bisnowaty over racist remarks uttered on him by one of his MPs on Thursday last week.

This is in sharp contrast with the stand taken by MCP Spokesperson Dr. Jessie Kabwila who said Bisnowarty deserved it because he insulted the former head of State Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

Kabwila said that the Party owes him no any apology.

“Honourable Bisnowaty attacked the father and founder of the nation, how do you expect the MCP to react? When someone insults your parents, you react. We have been in parliament for a long time we have never reacted like that,” said Kabwila.

Speaking in Parliament on Monday, Chakwera condemned the racist remarks saying there is only one human race in the world regardless of race, creed, colour, language.

“Let it be on record that as MCP our reason for being is to promote development, help consolidate democracy and protect the dignity of every person.
It is for this reason that I stand here to condemn utterances that are deemed to demean or denigrate anyone in this chamber regardless of the perceived provocation,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera also asked the Bisonowaty on behalf of the MCP to forgive and forget.

“As a believer in Jesus Christ and a theologian cum politician, I can state that there is but one human race, regardless of the colour of one’s skin and/or cultural and religious beliefs. I believe, in forgiveness because I have been forgiven all my sins through the death of Jesus Christ,” added Chakwera.

On his part, accepted the apologies but corrected Chakwera that he provoked the situation by insulting Kamuzu, saying he never mentioned the former head of state but faulted the one party system instead.

Meanwhile Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya has urged all Members to avoid provocative statements went making contributions.

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