mutahrikaJust after a month when Gerald Viola,Mutharika’s Press Secretary told Brian Banda of the Times Exclusive that President Mutharika is planing to buy a presidential Jet has been vindicated today by a picture of President Peter Mutharika circulating on social media claiming that he was at a queue at the AirPort.

The picture looks like a publicity stunt wanting to buy public sympathy and play with people’s mind to eventually support the proposal to acquire a presidential jet as it was reported by Mr Viola.

President Mutharika is not the first president to use public flight and it is surprising to see were this commotion is coming from,as a country are we miserable to expose our president like this.

What actually the DPP government is doing is acting for the cameras for public sympathy so that when they procure the Jet push the blame to the people yet in their mind a decision of purchasing a Jet is already at advanced stage.

Hear this,If the President is flying in business class it has a VVIP lounge at each and every connecting airport, this picture does not make any sense unless he is flying economy. Second, a travelling president in all major connecting airpot is accorded VVIP treatment and this picture does not add up.

Much as we may support the idea of the President having a jet,this picture is a stunt to buy public sympathy and APM is a great actor in this cast.

Unfortunately it seems that the whole public is already buying the dummy being fed.

APM has been in office for 19 months but he has failed to boost the economy,Malawi is currently going through tough times.

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