It is true the three things that have been critical since APM came to power are Cashgate by Mrs. Joyce Banda’s government where $60 million got stolen, donor withdrawal and floods that led to a food shortage.

The President then took a swipe at donors for unfairly punishing his administration for sins committed by previous regime saying donors are punishing poor Malawians.

The President stated a clear roadmap with regards to aid in Malawi. Malawi shall not be relying on aid in five years time. Malawi shall be well on an industrialization course between now and the next 2-3 years.




The reporter Zeinab Badawi lacked consistence and coherence in her questions; she was ill-prepared for the interview and faithfully dwelled much on a single online publication.

As a citizen of this country I expected her to ask the President on what he is doing about the persistent blackouts. I also expected her to ask APM about the access to information bill as well as the murder of ACB director Njaunju.

On foreign policy Badawi would have asked APM on whether his administration is pro-east or pro-western.

It is surprising that a reporter of her reputation did not have information that the jet which Bingu bought was sold by Joyce Banda and the money vanished.

By Lucy Chilani


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