President Arthur Peter Mutharika says a nation that is defined by religious faith has all the right ingredients to move forward if citizens realize their capabilities and uphold virtues of patriotism, integrity and hardwork to fulfil their spiritual obligations.

He was speaking at Kamuzu Palace on Thursday when he held an audience with leaders from Malawi Union Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist.

“Faith is a prerequisite. But faith is beyond church. When people have faith in God, they have faith in themselves. I therefore challenge all your faithfuls, and Malawians in general, to believe in themselves, and in their capabilities. They must be patriotic, they must be of high integrity, and they must work hard. This is the only way we will manage to fully serve the needs of both the soul and the body of our people,” said the President.

During his address, the Malawi leader extended congratulations to the church for successfully transitioning from the Malawi Union Mission to the Malawi Union Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Church.

“I am informed that this transition is no mean achievement. It is a sign of confidence in Malawians. It is proof that the Southern African Indian Ocean Division Office has certified that your financial and administrative systems, and levels of growth and maturity are above test. And now you are autonomous,” President Mutharika said.

According to President Mutharika the SDA remains a valuable player in the socio-economic landscape of the country through various interventions in improving the welfare of Malawians.

“My government recognises the great responsibility that has been entrusted to you: the responsibility of taking care of God’s flock; both in body and soul.I wish express our sincere thanks to the Malawi Union Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Church for all the development work you do in support of my Government’s vision and development strategy. Your works in the sectors of health, HIV and AIDS, education, gender and empowerment, and others, are visible,” asserted the President adding that his government will continue supporting the SDA church in all their endeavours as both institutions strive to uplift livelihoods across the board.

Among the SDA officials were Pastor Frackson Kuyama who is President of the Malawi Union Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist, Executive Secretary Pastor Innocent Chikomo, Pastor Hopekins Ngoma- Chief Finance Officer and Presidents of the Central Malawi Conference, Southern Malawi Field and North Malawi Fields.

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