An over-enthusiastic fan is told off by the Pontiff after he was gripped so hard he fell on a child in a wheelchair

Pope Francis has been caught on camera losing his temper at a well-wisher who yanked his arm so hard he stumbled over.

The Pontiff, who is usually known for being calm and accommodating with admirers, is seen scolding the offending fan whose enthusiastic greeting caused him to fall on a child in a wheelchair.

“Don’t be selfish, don’t be selfish,” he is heard angrily saying in Spanish, while gesticulating wildly.

Francis was shaking hands with members of the crowd at a stadium in Mexico when the well-wisher grabbed him with two arms and would not let go.

Security men scrambled to help the 79-year-old to his feet after he lost his balance and spent several seconds with his chest pressed against the child’s head.

It is not clear whether the well-wisher was a man or a woman.

It happened as the Pope wrapped up a visit to Mexico, where he has spoken out against the country’s brutal drug trade.

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